How Lifeguard Story Begins...

Our adventure with safety gadgets dates back to the year 2004 when a young man, Artur Kamiński – the founder and chief engineer of Lifeguard company, first found himself in the United States of America. This beautiful and innovative country, full of gadgets, sparked Artur’s immense interest in creating new things. After return to Poland, which was still building its support system for young inventors, was not enough. He moved to Norway, where he worked and lived for many years, and most importantly, discovered further technical innovations. Return to Poland in 2015, give the first idea – Swim Belt. In the newly established local Science and Technology Park in 2016,  He won the Innovation competition in Acceleration program from Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. This provided with the initial funding for the Lifeguard Swim Belt project.

Artur Kamiński and his first MVP model of Lifeguard Swim Belt. Project started in 2017 in Science and Technology Park in Ełk City, Poland. Patent for this project has been given in 2019.

Lifeguard Swim Belt prototypes

Model wearing MVP version of Lifeguard Swim Belt