World Health Organisation Report : Drowning is a serious and neglected public health threat claiming the lives of 372 000 people a year worldwide !

LIFEGUARD SWIM TOWELS are specially design to improve Your personal safety while rescue other people. When someone begins to drown, the situation is dynamic and highly dramatic. Many people immediately rush into the water to rescue the drowning person. However, often both individuals end up drowning because fear, panic, survival instinct, and the fight for one’s own life can lead the drowning person to do everything to escape the water, even at the cost of the rescuer’s life.

Be smart, You can rescue someone’s life without risking your own. Get one of SWIM TOWELS !

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Where are We from?

Our love for water is natural. We live, work and produce our gadgets in Masuria District – in the heart of the Polish land of 1000 lakes! Our company is located in Poland, in a small, exceptionally charming city Ełk. The city is surrounded by many lakes. From the first moments of our lives, water was around us. We base all our observations on our devices on a lifetime of experience.
Lifeguard Team – Best Regards from Ełk ☺

Extra Quality

The highest quality of Egyptian Cotton towel is exceptionally soft and durable. The towel material complies with OEKO-TEX Standard 100. It is soft even for sensitive skin. Extremely fluffy, velvety, and most important – quick drying.

Towel equipment

Towel features

A handle that can be placed over your hand or arm and given to another person on the beach to hold.

Dual Tone Strong Gold Whistle, slides out from the towel pocket and can be hidden inside.

A durable rope with a load capacity of 250 kg, 8 or 14 meters long, provides a long range when throwing a towel.

Made of high quality material compliant with the OEKO-TEX 100 standard.

Air bag with non-return valve and button – made of high quality, professional material with high resistance to damage. It serves as a buoy that is able to lift person in water and keep afloat while towing to the shore. On the beach serves as a comfortable pillow. Deflating is very easy, thanks to the button that quickly deflates the airbag and allows you to fold it back into the case.

Product Safety

The LIfeguard®Safe Towel™ (ST) and Lifeguard®Safe Towel Pro™ (ST PRO) products comply with Directive 2001/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 3 December 2001. on general product safety.

The idea

Work began at the end of January 2023 and the first units were already tested in May. In June, production of the first batch of two models began: Safe Towel™ and Safe Towel Pro™. What did the creator suggest? A simple everyday gadget with additional equipment that you will definitely take with you to the beach. None of us likes carrying tons of equipment to the water. We like to take a few necessary things and go to our favorite swimming spot. We designed towels in such a way that they fulfill two functions: a comfortable relax and a simple kit for saving other people without risking your own life.

We wish you a peaceful relax time on the beach, and if anyone needs help, you have high quality equipment with you that will do the job!
LifeGUARD Team ☺

Intellectual Property

The Safe Towel™ project,  was submitted to the European Union intellectual Property Office and received the number – 015035014-0001. In October 2023, it was registered and fully published.

Our Patented Solution

Patented solution no. P.421026 for swimmers – Swim Belt™
Lifeguard® Swim Belt™ is under development.

We are looking for investor to reach Our goal – Make Swim Belt available for customers in all over the World !

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