Lifeguard®Safe Towel PRO™


Our beach Towel is not only comfort and relaxation, but also a rescue tool. With a Whistle, a 14 meter Rope and Airbag, you can help for drowning person. Choose our Towel and be a Hero on the beach!

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Hello ! We present to You an innovative beach towel that not only provides comfort and relaxation on the beach, but can also save life of a drowning person. Our beach towel is an irreplaceable tool that allows You to combine the pleasure of relaxation with the possibility of providing help in emergency situations. Why a towel? When designing this simple equipment, we came to the conclusion that we would most often take a towel to the beach ☺ You no longer have to risk your own life to help save someone else’s. The Safe Towel™ is submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Product features:
1. Emergency Dual Tone Golden Whistle: Our towel is equipped with a built-in emergency whistle that allows You to call for help immediately. The whistle is very loud and clear, attracting attention even in difficult conditions.
2. 14-meter-long strong rope : The towel has a solid and durable 14-meter-long rope that can be used to help a drowning person. The rope is easy to detach and use in emergency situations. Rope can hold up maximum weight of 250kg (550lb).
3 AirBag: The towel got practical High Quality AirBag with click-on non-return valve. It can be used to support a drowning person’s on the surface of the water. But on the beach it gives You possibility to use it as a pillow under Your head. Its, very comfortable and quick to fold. In PRO version, You will get longer AirBag, it will give more buoyancy and bigger pillow ☺
4. Case : Inside towel’s black case You can put your stuff if You need. Money, phone or keys are always a bit problematic to hold, when sand is everywhere. In PRO version You will get bigger case, that will hold more stuff.
Additional features:
• Multifunctional: In addition to its lifesaving functions, our beach towel also provides excellent comfort while relaxing on the beach. You can use it for sunbathing, drying off after swimming in the sea or as a pad on the sand.
• High-quality Materials: Our towel is carefully made of high-quality materials that are durable, soft to the touch and quick-drying. Thanks to this, they provide maximum comfort and durability.
• Stylish design: Our beach towel comes in two versions, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and style.
Don’t forget that using our beach towel is not only relaxation and pleasure, but also a chance to save a life. Be ready to help others and enjoy your holiday with greater confidence. Choose our beach towel and be a hero on the beach!

The Specifications
Size (approx.): 140 cm x 70 cm x 5 cm (55” x 27,5” x 2”)
Weight (approx.): 1 kg (2,2lb)
Material : Egyptian Cotton 100%
Other Materials: High-quality, OEKO-TEX Standard 100
Rope lenght : 8 meters (26,24ft.)
Rope maximum capacity: 250kg (550lb)

Warranty : 24 months


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Weight 1,00 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 20 cm
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